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Bret Blevins


Bret Blevins

Since 1981 Bret has enlivened countless narratives with his nuanced sense of emotional storytelling and impeccable visualization skills—deft with any medium, he has shared his imagination with many audiences through his work seen in comic books, graphic novels, illustration, advertising, animation and art galleries.

All of his art is alive with sensuous movement and a vivid quality of animation, sincere emotion, compassion and pathos laced with humor and whimsy, all conveyed in beautiful compositions and exquisite draftsmanship.

Bret Blevins

Books by Bret Blevins

by David Michelinie and Bret Blevins - Historical Fantasy, Mystery

The first single-volume collection of the six-part Epic Comics cult favorite, Michelinie and Blevins's daring graphic novel follows the adventures of a suicidal alien, a plucky prostitute and a raucous American cowboy who team to form a detective agency that accepts oddball cases rejected by Scotland Yard. This madcap mash-up evokes the Victorian setting of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, supernatural sleuthing in the style of Dr. Who, and a dash of steampunk attitude.