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James Farr


James Farr

James Farr is a freelance animator and animation director based at present in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is widely known by the online community for his animated series Xombie, which quickly gained cult status in 2003 and has spawned an illustrated novel, Xombie: Dead on Arrival, a comic book series published by Devil's Due, Xombie: Reanimated, as well as an upcoming animated feature film.

James Farr

Books by James Farr

by James Farr and Jon Sommariva - Graphic Novel

64.9 minutes from now, a human paleontologist will make an earth-shattering discovery that will not only rock the foundation of modern science, but also bring the worlds of both humans and dinosaurs crashing back together with a vengeance.

64.9 million years ago, dinosaurs --- far more advanced than fossilized bone fragments would ever reveal --- ruled the earth. Their civilization evolved, unchallenged, until the Black Blood emerged...