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Jimmy Palmiotti


Jimmy Palmiotti

Jimmy Palmiotti

Books by Jimmy Palmiotti

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and drawn by Amanda Conner - Graphic Novel

Fresh from BATMAN: DEATH OF THE FAMILY and SUICIDE SQUAD, Harley Quinn returns to her first solo series in the New 52! The writing team of Jimmy Palmiotti (ALL STAR WESTERN) and Amanda Conner (BEFORE WATCHMEN: SILK SPECTRE) unleashed Harley on an unsuspecting DC Universe, as she encounters various heroes and villains ... and leaves no one unscathed in her wake! With art by Chad Hardin and a slew of comics' best artists including Darwyn Cooke, Sam Kieth, Tony S. Daniel, Paul Pope, Walter Simonson and Art Baltazar!

by Jimmy Palmiotti, Geoff Johns, and Amanda Conner

The fan-favorite writing team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (JONAH HEX, TERRA) team with popular aritst Amanda Conner (JSA CLASSIFIED, TERRA) for the rip-roaring solo adventures of Power Girl. She bursts from the pages of the JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA to star in her own series.

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, illustrated by Paul Gulacy, edited by Rob Levin - Graphic Novel

A group of international scientists and archeologists on a publicly funded dig discover a hidden city beneath the streets of Berlin. Constructed as a failsafe option for the Nazi party should they lose the war, the city is home to Hitler's ultimate doomsday weapon --- an Omega bomb designed to wipe out the human race --- and it's just been activated!