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Joe Simon


Joe Simon

After Joe Simon created Captain America at his legendary Simon and Kirby Studios, Simon became the first Editor-in-Chief of the company now called Marvel. As Marvel Comics noted in their recent best-selling hardcover book of the authors' 1950 masterpiece, Fighting American, "Joe Simon and Jack Kirby are quite possibly the most successful collaborators in the history of comics...Their influence on the comics field is still powerfully felt today."Joe Simon invented the prototype of the original Spider-Man, the Romance Comics genre, the original Fly, Stuntman, Black Magic, and The Shield, to name a few. He founded SICK Magazine, provided publications and art for the U.S. Olympic Committee and other national associations. As director of Research and Development for Harvey Comics, he helped develop Casper the Friendly Ghost, Richie Rich, Baby Huey, and other favorites of children and parents.

Joe Simon

Books by Joe Simon

by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby

Titan Books continues its beautiful hardcover collections of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s comics works in this volume devoted to their science fiction work.

Written by Joe Simon, illustrated by Jack Kirby - Graphic Novel

Joe Simon and Jack Kirby set the standard for costumed heroes and their work for Timely and DC Comics raised the bar.

by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby - Graphic Novel
From the very beginning in the late 1930s, Simon and Kirby produced the finest stories around, creating dramatic new super heroes (Captain America, Blue Bolt, Fighting American, The Fly), western action (Boy’s Ranch), gruesome horror (Black Magic), explosive detective fiction (Justice Traps the Guilty), and the very first romance comics (Young Romance). They were the dream team.