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John Romita Jr.


John Romita Jr.

John Romita Jr.

Books by John Romita Jr.

by Brian Michael Bendis, Jonathan Hickman, Jason Aaron, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, and John Romita Jr.

Team-ups are a time-honored comics tradition. Get the superheroes together, have them slug it out, and then have them unite against a common enemy. It’s simple enough, and it’s been fueling comics “events” for decades. Avengers vs. X-Men is one of the latest.

Written by Rick Remender, illustrated by John Romita Jr., Tony Moore and James Harren - Graphic Novel

In the belly of New York, skulking and forgotten creatures of the night uncover the remains of a man in a familiar outfit. Frank Castle is dead.

Written by J. Michael Straczynski and drawn by John Romita Jr. - Comic Books, Graphic Novel

A volume of some of the most powerful and memorable tales Spider-Man and Peter Parker star in, written by the immeasurable J. Michael Straczynski.