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Kate Reed Petty


Kate Reed Petty

Kate Reed Petty is a freelance writer with nine years of experience creating content for people who do good, important work. 

She also writes guidebooks, op-eds, fundraising emails, funny emails, white papers, web copy, speeches, scripts and podcasts. Also, fiction, children's books and vimeos. 

Kate Reed Petty

Books by Kate Reed Petty

by Boya Sun and Kate Reed Petty - Children's 6-10, Graphic Novel, Manga, Science Fiction

Beryl lives in a world full of toys. But these aren't your ordinary toys --- they're mechanical marvels that almost seem alive! And at the slightest touch, these toys "catalyze," that is, they merge with their owner and give them special abilities. But not Beryl. She's a Neon Knight, and Neon Knights can't catalyze. Beryl does have a special ability that no one knows about --- she's an inventor who can turn a broken toy into an amazing, new creation. When a powerful Oxygen Knight named Coro discovers Beryl's secret workshop, she wants in on the fun. But can a Neon Knight and an Oxygen Knight ever get along?