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Archives - March 2010

Interview: C.C. Colbert, author of Booth

Mar 30, 2010

C.C. Colbert is the historian and author behind several books on American history. Booth, her first graphic novel, is a powerful reminder that history is complicated and multidimensional. Readers of Booth will learn not only about the notorious man behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, but also about his family, his friends, and his enemies.

Just why did John Wilkes Booth assassinate Abraham Lincoln? Colbert provides a scholarly and thoughtful response.

Colbert is also a strong newcomer and supporter of the power of graphic novels and comics to tell scholarly and literary-level stories: “The idea that comic books can only offer a simplistic vision clearly ignores dramatic evidence otherwise. A growing body of historical graphic novels such as [Emmanuel] Guibert’s Alan’s War boasts strong characters, vivid images, and powerful narrative arcs that clearly complicate and improve a story.” Here, she discusses the book and her work with GraphicNovelReporter.

Interview: Peter Milligan, author of The Bronx Kill

Mar 23, 2010

With a brand-new noir thriller out from Vertigo and a career as one of the most inventive and eclectic comics writers of the past two decades, Peter Milligan is a comics superstar. We caught up with him to talk about The Bronx Kill and more.

Interview: Christopher Hart, author of Manga for the Beginner: Chibis

Mar 23, 2010

Odds are that anyone who’s into how-to books on drawing manga knows the name Christopher Hart. But he doesn’t just publish books on manga art techniques. He’s published on all sorts of art styles, written his own manga, and even did some television work. His latest book, Manga for the Beginner: Chibis, hits bookshelves March 23. Hart spoke to GraphicNovelReporterabout his art, work, and why he doesn’t let one of his cousins out of the basement.