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Archives - July 2010

Interview: Daren White, author of The Playwright

Jul 27, 2010

Eddie Campbell and Daren White introduce us to the Playwright, a man who might seem somewhat embittered by life but is actually surprisingly open to it. Meet this conundrum in their compelling and wonderful new book, and read here about what this fictional man meant to the two creators behind him.

Interview: Laurie Sandell, author of The Impostor's Daughter

Jul 12, 2010

Laurie Sandell never knew her father. Or at least she only knew a small facet of his personality. The complete man, the entire picture of him, was obscured by an overwhelming wall of lies and deceptions that left her pondering what her dad was truly about. Her misgivings about him began when she was very young, but it wasn't until college, when she discovered that he had taken out a credit card under her name (and subsequently ruined her credit) that she really began delving into the truth. But as she moved from different jobs, boyfriends, and cities (all of which she documents in her new memoir, The Impostor's Daughter), she found her dad's story to be far murkier and troubling than she could ever have imagined. The details of her search for understanding her father—and by extension herself—form the basis of her book. Now working as a journalist, writer, and magazine editor, Sandell has written a book that brings her closer to the truth but at the same time pushes her even further away from her entire family. We talked to her about it.

Interview: Mark McKenna, author of Banana Tails Colorful Adventure

Jul 6, 2010

Mark McKenna has been writing and illustrating comics for decades, both in the major leagues and in the small-press world. For the past decade or so, he’s been doing Banana Tail, his self-publishing comics project that combines comics with learning (as well as some vivid illustration). He’s also a very active lecturer on the school circuit. We caught up with him to talk about the work he’s doing.

: Doug TenNapel, author of Ghostopolis

Jul 1, 2010

Doug TenNapel is the graphic novelist behind a host of successful graphic novels: Ghostopolis, Creature Tech, Power Up, Monster Zoo, and Gear, just to name a few. Along with graphic novels, many readers will also recognize Doug for his work on television, most notably Catscratch (which airs on Nickelodeon) and Earthworm Jim. And to top it all off, living every popular-culture-lover’s dream life, readers may also recognize Doug for his work on some of our favorite video games, including Earthworm Jim 1 and Earthworm Jim 2, Boombots, and Skullmonkeys.