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Archives - June 2011

Interview: Joe Simon, author of My Life in Comics

Jun 21, 2011

After nearly a century on this planet, the great Joe Simon shares his reflections on life in the funny papers in My Life in Comics…and here in this exclusive interview.

Interview: Dean Koontz, author of Dean Koontz's Frankenstein: Prodigal Son, Vol. 2

Jun 14, 2011

Master of horror Dean Koontz is embarking on a new career: comics. With new stories based on his Fear Nothing series coming from Dynamite in August, as well as the second volume of the adaptation of his Frankenstein series coming in November, he talked to GNR about the world of comics and how it fits in with his frightening creative vision.

Interview: Robert Venditti, author of The Homeland Directive

Jun 7, 2011

Robert Venditti is a comic book creator most known for his title The Surrogates, which was adapted by Disney into a major motion picture starring Bruce Willis. His comics career began in 2002, when Venditti met Chris Staros from Top Shelf. The meeting clearly went well, for Venditti ended up not only working for the publisher, but also climbing the company ladder. Later, Venditti shared a manuscript with Staros, which resulted in the publication of The Surrogates in 2005. Last year, he created a brand-new, wildly different graphic novel, The Homeland Directive, a look at privacy (or the lack thereof) in the 21st century. Here’s what Venditti had to say about his latest graphic novel.

Interview: Dave Roman, author of Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity

Jun 7, 2011

Step inside Dave Roman’s wildly funny and inventive Astronaut Academy and you’ll meet an eclectic cast of characters all ready for their space-time closeup. We talked to Dave about what went into making this fun, adventurous graphic novel. Here’s what he had to say.

Interview: L. A. Banks, author of LA Banks Vampire Huntress: Dawn and Darkness

Jun 7, 2011

L.A. Banks is one busy writer. She’s written more than 40 novels, including crime thrillers, romances, and paranormal-themed mysteries. Her Vampire Huntress series, now complete with its twelfth novel, tells the life of Damali Richards, a musician by day and demon slayer by night. However, Damali’s story is getting new life—and a new, visual take—in graphic-novel form.

How does the graphic novel fit in with the rest of your Vampire Huntress series?

Interview: Belle Yang, author of Forget Sorrow: An Ancestral Tale

Jun 6, 2011

Well-known for her work in children’s literature, Belle Yang has a prominent reputation as a leading multicultural children’s author. Some of her more prominent adult and children’s titles include Baba: A Return to China Upon My Father’s Shoulders, Hannah Is My Name, and Foo, the Flying Frog of Washtub Pond.