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Archives - September 2011

Interview: Hilary Knight, author of Nina in That Makes Me Mad

Sep 27, 2011

Legendary artist Hilary Knight created the look of the cantankerous Eloise half a century ago. Now he’s giving the world a new version of the hilarious (and opinionated) Nina, who can’t wait to tell us all about how That Makes Me Mad! Here, Hilary Knight discusses both of these amazing girls and the impact of comics on his life.

Interview: Craig Thompson, author of Habibi

Sep 20, 2011

With Habibi, Craig Thompson elevates the graphic novel form to even higher levels. Here, he discusses the work that went into creating this masterpiece and the implications its winding, twisted, religiously and socially inspired tales create. Also, Craig shares some of the work-in-progress artwork that went into creating Habibi.

Interview: Nate Powell, author of Any Empire

Sep 13, 2011

Following up a book as moving and well-received as Swallow Me Whole would seem like a great challenge. It’s one that Nate Powell met with Any Empire, his broad, ambitious look at how violence, nationalism, prejudices, and belief systems permeate our society. We caught up with Nate to discuss what this book meant to him and the important message he wants to bring across with it. 

Interview: Kagan McLeod, author of Infinite Kung Fu

Sep 6, 2011

Kagan McLeod has been redefining cool for a while now with Infinite Kung Fu, a hip, fun, totally addictive series that was originally brought to life as a self-published comic and is now available as a graphic novel from Top Shelf. Mixing genres and styles effortlessly, McLeod creates a blend that transpires most kung-fu tropes to be startlingly original. And did we mention how fun it is? Check it out, but first check out this interview with Kagan.