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Archives - July 2012

Interview: Rachel Dukes, author of Side B

Jul 17, 2012

Starting her own small press in San Diego, Poseur Ink, Rachel Dukes has combined music and comics twice now, first in Side A, and now with a backing track, Side B. So what does it take to start a small publishing endeavor in comics today, and how hard is it to keep that venture going? We talked to Rachel to find out what went in to the making of this second single and what it takes to keep an indie press afloat today.

Interview: P. C. Cast, author of House of Night: Legacy

Jul 12, 2012

Bestselling prose author branches out into comics with her supernatural House of Nightcomics. But these aren't just adaptations of her popular books. Instead, these fill in the blanks in between books, offering new insights into her characters and her stories. Here's her take on working in comics.