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Ryan Inzana


Ryan Inzana

Ryan Inzana is an illustrator and comic artist whose work has appeared in numerous magazines, ad campaigns, books, and various other media all over the world. ICHIRO is his second graphic novel. He lives in New Jersey with his wife.

Ryan Inzana

Books by Ryan Inzana

written and illustrated by Ryan Inzana - Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Graphic Novel, Young Adult 12+

When Ichiro’s mother must make a business trip to Japan, she decides to bring Ichiro along so that he can get to know his maternal grandfather. But Ichiro is soon pulled into a strange, mythical world of Japanese gods, where he is placed in the center of an epic battle.

by Ryan Inzana

John Sendel is a typical teenager. The kind that snap and would start shooting at their school. But Johnny stumbles onto fundamentalist Islam through his friend Salim, and finds a new outlet to channel his rebellious angst.