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Interview: Nick Andors, author of A Frozen World

Jan 20, 2014

With his debut graphic novel, A FROZEN WORLD, Nick Andors creates a challenging and disturbing dystopian world known as Irongates. Life is horrifying in this troubled place, but somehow some small sliver of hope manages to survive…and people manage to cope. Here’s what Andors had to say about this world and how he came to create it.

Interview: Alexis E. Fajardo, author of Kid Beowulf and the Rise of El Cid

Jan 20, 2014

You may know BEOWULF, but do you know him as a boy? You do if you’ve read Alexis E. Fajardo’s fun-filled (and incredibly educational!) adventure series KID BEOWULF. The series, now three books in, has been chronicling what came before the epic BEOWULF and what led to creating the incredible hero (along with his twin brother, Grendel). We talked to Fajardo about putting a twist on a classic.

Interview: Jeff Smith, author of The Best American Comics 2013

Dec 17, 2013

Jeff Smith has had a busy year. The indie-comics pioneer has seen his mind-bending sci-fi epic RASL collected in a comprehensive hardcover edition, edited the anthology BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2013, and begun writing and drawing a new webcomic (which will be collected in print, beginning with a first trade sometime next summer), TUKI SAVES THE HUMANS. We caught up with Smith to ask him a few questions about comics.

Interview: Sage Stossel, author of Starling

Nov 26, 2013

Sage Stossel is a political cartoonist for the Atlantic, where she draws Sage, Ink. Her newest project is the graphic novel STARLING, from Penguin’s newly launched InkLit division. We caught up with Stossel to get some info on STARLING, her look at a modern-day superheroine dealing with some very funny realities in the middle of trying to save the world.


Tell us a little bit about Amy Sturgess, aka Starling. Where did the idea for this superheroine come from?

Interview: Sheila Keenan, author of Dogs of War

Oct 22, 2013

Former graphic novel editor Sheila Keenan has jumped over to the other side of the business and is now a graphic novel writer. She shares three stories of  man's best friend helping us out in some of our darkest times: in wartime. In Dogs of War, her new book with artist Nathan Fox, she jumps through three periods of wartime to show some truly heroic canines. Here, she gives us the scoop behind the stories.